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Quick Overview

The Alness is a free standing 4 post car lift by using a strong wrap around post design. The cross beam wraps around the post meaning that the lift remains rigid and self supporting. No need for the lift to be bolted down to the floor, ideal if you have underfloor heating or electrical cables within your concrete floor.


The vehicle raises up to a maximum height of 1800mm providing an underneath clearance of 1685mm.


This lift is fully CE complaint with safety low voltage 24v push button controls on the panel


2.2 kW motor works off a 240V single phase electrical supply and requires a 16 amp C or D rated circuit breaker.


Mobility kit, jacking tray, drip tray set and an aluminium up ramp set all included in the price. Price does include VAT.


Product Description

The Alness is a free standing 4 post lift. The lift is a manual lock release model where the locks are simply disengaged by the lever on the end of the cross beam when the you want to go down. The Alness comes with a mobility kit which allows the lift to be moved around your building if you require.

Due to it’s design the lift is free standing, meaning no floor bolt fixings, and is portable so you can move it anywhere within your building. The Alness lifts incorporate a jacking tray that can be used to lift your vehicle wheels off the platforms when used with a bottle jack or car jack, however, if you want the “real thing” then go for our scissor jacking beam as an optional extra.



  • Lifting Capacity:                            4000 kg
  • Lifting Time:                                  56S
  • Maximum Lifting Height:              1800mm (to top of platform)
  • Overall Length inc up ramps:       5196 mm
  • Overall Length excl up ramps:     4290 mm
  • Overall Width:                              2870 mm
  • Width Between Posts:                 2350 mm
  • Width between pulleys:               1914 mm (car entry at tyre height)
  • Overall Height:                             2412 mm
  • Length of platforms:                     3985 mm
  • Width of platforms:                       456 mm
  • Width between platforms:             894 mm
  • Platform thickness:                       110mm
  • Toe Protection under platform:     16 mm
  • Motor:                                           3HP
  • Power Supply:                              240V Single Phase @ 16A
  • Circuit breaker required:              16A C or D rated circuit breaker
  • Gross Weight of unit:                   940kg


Accessories that are included with the Alness XL lift are:

Tool / jack tray – Can be used to lift your vehicles wheels off the platforms when used with a bottle jack or car jack. The tray can be used for your tools whilst working on your car so you have everything to hand. Also comes with a drain plug so can catch fluids and safely drain them. The jacking tray is rated to 1.5T, however, if you want the “real thing” then go for our scissor jacking beam as an optional extra.

Aluminium lightweight up ramp set –  These are removeable and can be stored on the lift platforms ensuring no extra floor space is taken up.

Drip tray set – Three plastic drip trays that can be positioned within the platform gap to prevent drips from falling onto the car parked under the platform.

Mobility Kit – Allows for the lift to be moved around your building floor. Lift must not have cars when wanting to use the mobility kit. Recommended two man operation when moving the lift over your level concrete floor.


To make sure you have enough ceiling height to store two vehicles in the parking space of one, the rule of thumb is to measure the total height of the two vehicles that you’re wanting to store and then add 250mm. This will give you the minimum ceiling height required.


This lift requires an element of installation. Please ensure that you have got the relevant knowledge and experience in installing garage equipment prior to purchase. Assumptions are made that the installer has worked on similar equipment before and knows about things such as levelling off platforms, wiring in switches, connecting up electrics. If you do not have experience of this then please ask us for a quotation to install the lift for you.

Additional information

Packaged Weight 1200 kg
Packaged Dimensions 4.2 × 0.6 × 1.1 m


Max Lift Height