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  • £3,480.00

    Due to the compact construction, it takes as little space and gives a perfect extra parking place . Because of the slim scissor there will remain an optimal space for simple and spacious parking. With a width of just 2.56m it fits in almost any ordinary garage and for larger buildings you can easy add multiple lifts side by side to make use of the maximum use of space.


    Ease of use, press the up button to the one lock stop set at the 2.0m and then press the lock button. Your car is securely parked on the raised platform.


    When the lift is at full height this provides a 1.9m underneath clearance suitable for up to SUV sized cars to be parked.


    The approach ramp is perfect for low-profile vehicles, such as sports cars, race kit builds and vehicles with dropped suspensions, to name a few types. Most parking lift platforms can only achieve this with extra-long approach ramps, and these add-on ramps take up a lot of your precious space. The approach ramp is kept short. To keep it from getting steep, we integrate a gentle incline into the drive-on platform. The incline ends in a small wheel trough that’s just deep enough to catch your wheels and keep them safe without scratching or denting your vehicle.


    The Alford lifting power comes from two hydraulic cylinders, with a balancing system to ensure a level lift at all times. The lifts staying power comes from a rigid mechanical locking system.

  • £3,364.00

    The Alness is a free standing 4 post car lift by using a strong wrap around post design. The cross beam wraps around the post meaning that the lift remains rigid and self supporting. No need for the lift to be bolted down to the floor, ideal if you have underfloor heating or electrical cables within your concrete floor.


    The vehicle raises up to a maximum height of 1800mm providing an underneath clearance of 1685mm.


    This lift is fully CE complaint with safety low voltage 24v push button controls on the panel


    2.2 kW motor works off a 240V single phase electrical supply and requires a 16 amp C or D rated circuit breaker.


    Mobility kit, jacking tray, drip tray set and an aluminium up ramp set all included in the price. Price does include VAT.

  • £3,800.00

    Extra tall version of our ever popular Alness lift, comes with increased platform lengths for longer wheel based vehicles to park on the lift


    Unique design free standing 4 post car lift using a strong wrap around post design. The cross beam wraps around the post meaning that the lift remains rigid. As the lift is free standing it does not need to be bolted down to the floor.


    Using a 240v electric hydraulic motor it lifts the vehicle up to a height of 2164 mm. This allows for a under platform height of 1967mm so you can drive in another car underneath.


    This lift is fully CE complaint with mechanical sprung loaded locking mechanism, cable break assembly, parachute valves and 24v dead man controls.


    Locks are simply disengaged by the lever on the end of the cross beam when the user wants to go down.


    The robust motor is rated at 2.2 kW, the motor works off a single phase electrical supply and requires only a 16 amp supply, with safety 24v push button controls.

  • Call for Price

    The Bewdley lift allows 3 cars to be parked over the same parking footprint of 1 car. The perfect solution for storage of multiple vehicles, whilst taking up minimum space.


    Ideal for commercial environments and storage businesses that wants to capitalise on their space. In fact, if you have the internal height this can be installed in domestic and barn buildings too.


    Lift design is a 4 post lift inside a 4 post lift that work independently. This design provides a lifting capacity of 3600kg per platform.


    Running on a 2.2kw motor the lift only requires 240v single phase power supply. 3 Phase 380V is available upon request. The control panels are 24V low voltage for safety. Requires a 16A C or D rated circuit breaker in your building MCB.


    Shared Double Side Post Design

    Having double sided posts allows you to daisy chain this lifts that really maximises your floor overall footprint. Also makes it a more elegant installation as this system gives you a clean straight finish to the row.


    Independent Platforms

    Each parking platform works independently so if you want to you can just take up the top car rather than having to take up the bottom platform at the same time. Individual control panels for each platform make it clear what you are operating and touch button controls mean the lift will stop immediately as soon as you remove your finger.


    Electric Lock Release

    Upon you pressing the down button on the control panel, the control system sends a signal to each of the solenoids on the corners of the lift to release the platform when it is time to come down, making the operation nice and simple. Each lift platform has a 24V electric lock release system.

    Simply when the lift is raised to your desired height simply press and hold the lock button, this will lower the platform onto the nearest lock position and engage the solenoids. When the lift comes to a rest you can remove you finger from the lock button. Your lift and vehicle are now safely parked.


    Extra Long Approach Ramps

    Double length up ramps for the top level allow lower profile cars to access the platform without bottoming out. Each platforms up ramps are hinged in the middle allowing you to fold back the ramps to reduce the length when raised. Simple lift on lift off up ramps can also be specified at order point. Available in custom colours, contact us for more information.


    Bespoke lift dimensions and colour options to meet your requirements – please contact us for more information.

  • £3,000.00

    The Bonar 4 post parking lift instantly doubles your storage within the footprint of one car parking space. Our 4 post parking lift also allows you to work on your cars either for light maintenance /repair work or for restoration work.


    Our Bonar 4 post parking lift is fully CE complaint and is ideal for home garages, workshops and car storage facilities. With a lifting capacity up to 3600kg the lift can lift cars, SUV’s, 4×4’s and small vans.


    Designed for ease of use the locks are simply disengaged with the manual lever on the end of the cross beam. Adjustable locking ladder system allows you to change the locking interval positions of the platform height. This ensures your cars are parked within your building space.


    The 4 post parking lift can be freestanding or fixed to the floor. With the optional mobility kit this allows for the Bonar lift to be moved around your building. Once repositioned, remove the wheel kit and the lift is ready to use again. The mobility kit is not designed to be used when you have a car on the lift.


    The motor is rated at 2.2 kW motor works off standard electrical supply 240V and requires only a 16 amp supply. The lift control panel comes with safety 24v push button controls.


    Price above includes VAT

    Delivery & Installation service quotation available upon request


    Optional accessories:

    Drip tray set (£54 inc vat), Mobility kit (£140 inc vat), Central tool/jack tray (£100 inc vat), Jacking beam (625 inc vat)

  • Call for Price

    Here we have a new launch lift from Strongman tools. An extra tall version of our extra tall Bonar four post lift. Allowing you to get your car up extra high to store taller items below such as caravans or vans.

    Particularly useful for getting cars up and insight of a viewing gallery on a second floor.

    Using a 240v electro hydraulic motor it lifts the vehicle up to a height of 3000mm so you can drive in another car underneath.

    This lift is fully CE complaint with mechanical sprung loaded locking mechanism, cable break assembly, parachute valves and 24v dead man controls.

    Locks are simply disengaged automatically on this lift as it has 24v electro solenoids in the corners so no need to pull down a handle to release.

    Strong powder coat finish mean your lift will last for years.

    The robust motor is rated at 2.2 kW motor works off standard electrical supply requires only a 16 amp supply, with safety 24v push button controls as required by CE certification.

    Lift available with either standard manual lock release mechanism, meaning locks all disengage from a single lever point.

    Optional plastic drip trays (£15 ex vat each),  metal infill panels (£750 ex vat for entire length)

  • Call for Price

    Unique new launch lift from Strongman tools allowing you to double stack cars on top of each other. Using up the floor footprint of just one lift. Previously this type of system would have been cost prohibitive but due to our new design this is now affordable.


    A very compact overall footprint. With only 4854mm long x 2694mm wide. Needing 5647mm of height to stack three cars high.


    The motor unit being in a seperate cabinet which is to be placed on the ground behind the lift.


    The upper platform, which is slightly shorter, drops to the lower one so that a low ramp height remains for low entry sports cars to drive on. Suitable for two hatchback and one Suv vehicle to be parked.


    Running on a 240v 2.2kw motor this is ideal for storage businesses in need of a bit more space.

  • £4,500.00

    Unique designed four post parking lift from Strongman tools with a completely infilled full width platform and full width drive up ramp. This makes this the simplest lift in our range to use for long term storage.

    We have been often approached by clients who want a parking lift and like our traditional two post parking lift design but because of the post location on the two post they get in the way of their door openings. So we have instead designed this four post system that means the doors open between the posts but still gives the benefit of the solid platform to prevent drips on the car below.

  • £3,800.00

    The Donnington is the ultimate car parking lift that Strongman Tools has to offer. This two post car parking lift benefits from an incredibly shallow platform depth meaning you can not only get very low cars on, but also utilises all of the headroom you have.


    Designed to allow a user to easily store one car under another. By using the Donnington lift your are making a two car parking space out of just one.
    This lift is offered in three different capacity variants. Starting with the 2300kg capacity which has thin and compact post with a short front leg and no rear leg.
    Unique shared post design allows you to daisy chain lifts in rows, simply adding on another lift at a time. Every extra lift only needs one additional post as all posts are double sided allowing them to be used for platforms on either side.
    A solid galvanised platform allows the user to simply drive their car on to the platform, get out of the vehicle, free of any obstructions and then raise their vehicle to reveal a second space underneath.
    Simple operation
    Just by the touch of a button and the lift will continue to rise till you remove your finger. Complete fail safe locking system with multiple latch positions in each post so you know your car is safely stored away. Then to bring it down again just keep your finger on the down button until the lift reaches the floor and the control gear does the rest for your, automatically disengaging the locks and lowering the lift down on the hydraulics.
    The ideal choice for car dealerships
    By keeping the posts to the back of the lift it gives the appearance that the cars are just parked on a plinth. So when aesthetics are a concern this is the lift to choose. Offering clear views of the car and really showing it off. Solid platform makes it a doddle to drive on and off and prevents any drips of oil onto cars below.
  • £5,200.00

    The perfect solution for long and short term storage of vehicles, taking up very minimal space with this double wide four post parking lift.

    By using a double wide platform this eliminates the centre posts and gives greater flexibility underneath for wider cars.

    Store and park 4 cars with one lift: 2 cars up on top and 2 cars down below.

    Low profile platform thickness makes it suitable for low clearance cars and all the safety features you would expect of any Strongman lift.

    Running on a 240v 2.2kw motor, the lift comes with the electric lock release feature.

    Ideal for home environments or storage businesses in need more space.