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  • £1,930.00

    The Clifton is our top spec surface mounted Mid-Rise Platform Scissor Car Lift. Designed to utilise an advanced assisted fulcrum this lift is effortless in operation and provides ‘Two Stage Lowering’.


    Unique split platform design allows central access to the underneath of your vehicle. Removing the mobility bar allows flush floor access for mechanics stool, oil drainer, transmission jack etc.


    Lift comes 2 sets of rubber mounting blocks: 4 x 30mm height & 4 x 60 mm height. These are designed to marry up to provide a 90 mm height block ideal for some vans & 4×4’s. Additional block sets are available to purchase at £45 inc vat.


    Lift price includes VAT.

    Delivery and installation pricing available upon request.


    Maximum lifting height is 1000mm

    Lift has the following lock stop points:




    Need to move the lift?

    Our solution is our Clifton mobility kit which does not included with the lift. Designed with the customer in mind this can be fitted easily to allow for moving the lift in a matter of minutes. This is priced at £180 inc vat.


    Low clearance car access needed? 

    Our solution is our low profile up ramp extension set. A 4 piece set to ensure your car can access both ends of the lift. These allow a subtle approach angle over a longer approach length. Ideal for low clearance cars. This set is priced at £300 inc vat.


    Narrow Car?

    Our solution is a narrow plate conversion kit which brings the clearance between the platforms from 900mm to 500mm. This makes the overall width of the lift smaller so good for compact areas as well as ride on lawnmowers, golf carts/buggies and Quad bikes. This is priced at £190 inc vat.


    Inboard chassis rails or pickup points on your car? 

    Our solution is a crossbeam that forms a bridge across the standard size platform clearance to position the rubber mounting blocks. This is priced at £160 inc vat.


    Please contact us for more information on our accessories on 01926 298800 or [email protected]


    Please be aware that the lift comes delivered in a purpose made wooden crate, the delivery service we offer is via a third party delivery company who will deliver the lift via tail lift to your drive.  It is imperative that you understand there is a small amount of self assembly to do on this lift once it is received, including attaching torsion plate & up ramps, connecting limit switches and filling with oil. This is all possible for a competent home mechanic to do themselves and a lifting aid like an engine crane is recommended to assist in the assembly of the lift.

  • £20.00
    The ideal choice for your vehicle lift, be it scissor lift, two post lift or four post lift.

    A premium quality Hydraulic oil formulated from solvent refined mineral base oils with additives to provide excellent protection against oxidation, corrosion, wear and foaming. This hydraulic oil is blended to ISO 32 viscosity grade requirements and is suitable for use in a wide range of mobile and static hydraulic equipment including forklifts, excavators, lifts, presses, injection moulders etc, where the use of an ISO 32 grade hydraulic oil is specified.

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    The Stretton 2 post maintenance lift comes in 3 different models:


    Manual Lock release model

    Manual lever operation – great for domestic use


    Electric lock release model

    All at the touch of a button for quick and ease of us 


    Baseless model with overhead protection gantry

    Provides a flush floor for very low cars and mobile workshop tools


    Lifting capacity is 4000 kg (4.0T) with a maximum lifting height of 1960 mm


    Asymmetric 2 stage arms as standard with the lift models, this allows you to lift anything from a mini to a van. Come complete with independent screw pad adjusters.


    All lifts are CE compliant including low voltage 24v control panels. Power supply is single phase 240V.


    For use in domestic garages, workshops, commercial properties.




  • £1,560.00

    The Tamar is a freestanding 2800kg capacity portable mid-rise scissor lift. This unit is the perfect lift for body shops and wheel service specialists that need extra lifting height.


    This portable lift easily raises a 2.8T car or light truck to a comfortable working height of up to 1200mm.


    The unique platform design of the Tamar allows access to some areas on the underside of the car not easily accessible with other portable mid-rise lifts. The dual power cylinders and the unique safety lock bar system, with different lock positions, make the Tamar one of the most popular mid-rise lifts sold in the UK and overseas.


    Simply drive over the lift making sure your tyres are straddling either side, then swing out the lifting arms to underneath your jacking points or suitable lifting point on the underside of the car. Then place four of the supplied rubber pads onto the ends of the arms and you are ready to go. Simply pressing the up button will then raise the vehicle and have it so the wheels are free. Push button operation means that as soon as you take your finger off the up button the lift stops and does not raise any more.


    Our Tamar has been thoroughly tested to meet Industry standards. The Tamar mid-rise lift is powered by a 240-volt power unit that is mounted on a portable cart. The power unit can be positioned to allow for maximum efficiency. This power unit cart is also used to move the Tamar on a smooth level surface. This lift can easily be rolled from an inside work bay to an outside concrete apron work area in just a few minutes.


    The Tamar is a complete mid-rise lift that includes 3 sets of rubber lifting pads. The arms can be adjusted to an almost infinite amount of positions to accommodate unique lifting points found on certain vehicles. The large “foot print” of the Tamar creates a steady platform for the raised vehicle.

    Standard arm set max width: 1400 mm

    XL arm set max width: 1580 mm

    XL arm set is an optional extra.