Two Post Car Lifts

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    Unique new launch lift from Strongman tools allowing you to double stack cars on top of each other. Using up the floor footprint of just one lift. Previously this type of system would have been cost prohibitive but due to our new design this is now affordable.


    A very compact overall footprint. With only 4854mm long x 2694mm wide. Needing 5647mm of height to stack three cars high.


    The motor unit being in a seperate cabinet which is to be placed on the ground behind the lift.


    The upper platform, which is slightly shorter, drops to the lower one so that a low ramp height remains for low entry sports cars to drive on. Suitable for two hatchback and one Suv vehicle to be parked.


    Running on a 240v 2.2kw motor this is ideal for storage businesses in need of a bit more space.

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    The Donnington is the ultimate car parking lift that Strongman Tools has to offer. This two post car parking lift benefits from an incredibly shallow platform depth meaning you can not only get very low cars on, but also utilises all of the headroom you have.


    Designed to allow a user to easily store one car under another. By using the Donnington lift your are making a two car parking space out of just one.
    This lift is offered in three different capacity variants. Starting with the 2300kg capacity which has thin and compact post with a short front leg and no rear leg.
    Unique shared post design allows you to daisy chain lifts in rows, simply adding on another lift at a time. Every extra lift only needs one additional post as all posts are double sided allowing them to be used for platforms on either side.
    A solid galvanised platform allows the user to simply drive their car on to the platform, get out of the vehicle, free of any obstructions and then raise their vehicle to reveal a second space underneath.
    Simple operation
    Just by the touch of a button and the lift will continue to rise till you remove your finger. Complete fail safe locking system with multiple latch positions in each post so you know your car is safely stored away. Then to bring it down again just keep your finger on the down button until the lift reaches the floor and the control gear does the rest for your, automatically disengaging the locks and lowering the lift down on the hydraulics.
    The ideal choice for car dealerships
    By keeping the posts to the back of the lift it gives the appearance that the cars are just parked on a plinth. So when aesthetics are a concern this is the lift to choose. Offering clear views of the car and really showing it off. Solid platform makes it a doddle to drive on and off and prevents any drips of oil onto cars below.
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    The Stretton 2 post maintenance lift comes in 3 different models:


    Manual Lock release model

    Manual lever operation – great for domestic use


    Electric lock release model

    All at the touch of a button for quick and ease of us 


    Baseless model with overhead protection gantry

    Provides a flush floor for very low cars and mobile workshop tools


    Lifting capacity is 4000 kg (4.0T) with a maximum lifting height of 1960 mm


    Asymmetric 2 stage arms as standard with the lift models, this allows you to lift anything from a mini to a van. Come complete with independent screw pad adjusters.


    All lifts are CE compliant including low voltage 24v control panels. Power supply is single phase 240V.


    For use in domestic garages, workshops, commercial properties.




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    The Tongland is our European solid platform 2 post parking lift, which doubles your parking space.


    The lift is powered by a screw drive system providing a much smoother operation and allows the lift to be stopped and locked at any height.


    Lift platform raises up to 1848mm and can be stopped at any point up to this to ensure millimetre perfection if required.  The lift comes with a lifting capacity of 2000 kg (2.0T) as standard with upgrade option to 2500kg (2.5T).


    The screw drive design allows a much slimmer lift design overall providing a smaller footprint delivering more useable space for you and your car


    Direct drive provides lower maintenance and increased reliability over extended working life


    The platform is incredibly low at 100 mm allowing low clearance cars to access the platform


    A solid platform prevents any drips from falling onto cars below


    3phase or 1phase power supply options available


    The Tongland lift comes with the following features:

    • Rubber door guard protection on the posts
    • Protection covers for the post columns
    • Thermal protection for the electric motors
    • Up ramp hinges to become front wheel stops
    • Fixed wheel stops at the rear of the platform
    • Low platform thickness ideal for low clearance cars
    • Wide turning angle access for car under platform
    • Slim design posts and feet pads
    • Key switch lock on panel


    Bespoke lift dimensions available upon request

    Security lock options available upon request