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  • £3,800.00

    The Donnington is the ultimate car parking lift that Strongman Tools has to offer. This two post car parking lift benefits from an incredibly shallow platform depth meaning you can not only get very low cars on, but also utilises all of the headroom you have.


    Designed to allow a user to easily store one car under another. By using the Donnington lift your are making a two car parking space out of just one.
    This lift is offered in three different capacity variants. Starting with the 2300kg capacity which has thin and compact post with a short front leg and no rear leg.
    Unique shared post design allows you to daisy chain lifts in rows, simply adding on another lift at a time. Every extra lift only needs one additional post as all posts are double sided allowing them to be used for platforms on either side.
    A solid galvanised platform allows the user to simply drive their car on to the platform, get out of the vehicle, free of any obstructions and then raise their vehicle to reveal a second space underneath.
    Simple operation
    Just by the touch of a button and the lift will continue to rise till you remove your finger. Complete fail safe locking system with multiple latch positions in each post so you know your car is safely stored away. Then to bring it down again just keep your finger on the down button until the lift reaches the floor and the control gear does the rest for your, automatically disengaging the locks and lowering the lift down on the hydraulics.
    The ideal choice for car dealerships
    By keeping the posts to the back of the lift it gives the appearance that the cars are just parked on a plinth. So when aesthetics are a concern this is the lift to choose. Offering clear views of the car and really showing it off. Solid platform makes it a doddle to drive on and off and prevents any drips of oil onto cars below.
  • £5,200.00

    The perfect solution for long term storage of vehicles, taking up very minimal space with this double wide four post parking lift. By using a double width it reduces the amount of posts that are used and gives greater flexibility underneath. Two cars up on top and two cars down below

    Low profile platform thickness makes it suitable for track day cars and all the safety features you would expect of any Strongman lift.

    Running on a 240v 2.2kw motor this is ideal for home environments or storage businesses in need of a bit more space.

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    The basement pit parking system is a device that multiplies the number of parking spaces in an independent manner (you can enter/exit any platform irrespective of other spaces). The devices are powered by either hydraulic power units or chain dependent on what option you choose. case to case basis.

    Each device is equipped with an individual control panel. As individual lifts are assigned individual keys, they cannot be turned on by unauthorised persons. Operation of the device follows the “keep pushed to actuate” principle. Each control panel has an emergency switch used to stop the device in hazardous situations. Each parking space provides correct car position adjustment by means of a moveable buffers on the platform.

    The standard prefab product comes with ventilation vents to allow for air circulation and exchange inside the system.

    We have the capability to offer you bespoke platform sizes if you have a unique requirement subject to an additional fee.

  • £2,700.00

    Here we have the Holt lift, which is a new launch from us here at Strongman tools. Often we have been asked if we can supply a scissor lift that allows full standing access underneath the vehicle, well we listened and here it is.


    Giving the same wheels free benefits as our other scissor lifts you drive over and use the provided rubber pads to then lift the vehicle from the sills, jacking points or suitable lifting area. Then the car is raised up allowing you to remove the wheels for repair and servicing work.


    240v single phase making it suitable even for home garages. Using double hydraulic cylinders with positive pressure on both sides of the ram seals means there is no need for a mechanical lock. So no air supply is needed with this lift. Added benefit of this means the lift comes straight down when you want to lower the vehicle, unlike our other lifts which need to raise up to release the locking mechanism.

  • £20.00
    The ideal choice for your vehicle lift, be it scissor lift, two post lift or four post lift.

    A premium quality Hydraulic oil formulated from solvent refined mineral base oils with additives to provide excellent protection against oxidation, corrosion, wear and foaming. This hydraulic oil is blended to ISO 32 viscosity grade requirements and is suitable for use in a wide range of mobile and static hydraulic equipment including forklifts, excavators, lifts, presses, injection moulders etc, where the use of an ISO 32 grade hydraulic oil is specified.

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    Surface mounted floor to floor four post lift from Strongman tools. Using chains powered by hydraulic rams to raise cars from one floor up to another. Lifting up to a total height of 7000mm we can produce a lift perfect for your requirement.

    Each lift is made to customers own specifications, so if you have a certain opening size in your mezzanine floor that you need the lift to fit through then we can produce the lift to match.

    This four post design is particularly suited to environments where digging into the concrete is not possible so the lift needs to be surface mounted, quite often in rented warehouses where you have to make good of the floor upon end of lease.

    Lifts can be provided in either single phase or three phase power dependent on what is available.

    Options available to have central infill panels to make the platform a solid platform, hand rails and gates on the platform as well.

    Indicative price is for a lift with a lifting height of 3500mm, with a platform size of 2800mm wide x 5000mm long. This price is for the lift only excluding any delivery or installation which is quoted dependent on travel from our base.

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    This Strongman rail lift is widely used in factories, warehouses, industrial plants, institutions—anywhere that products or supplies need to move from one level to another providing fast, efficient,convenient and safe access to mezzanines, balconies, basements, and any levels in multi-storied building.

    Lifts can be used both inside and outside due to galvanised finish and IP rated control gear.

    Unlike scissor mezzanine lifts this rail system can be surface mounted saving the client expensive ground works to sink it in to the floor. A self supporting frame work can also be constructed for rented premises where attaching to the building is not an option.

    By using hydraulic rams and chains this lift offers a smooth and efficient lift, getting cargos up from one level to another.

  • £1,240.00

    The Tamar is a freestanding 2800kg capacity portable mid-rise scissor lift. This unit is the perfect lift for body shops and wheel service specialists that need extra lifting height. This portable lift easily raises a 2.8T car or light truck to a comfortable working height of up to 1200mm. The unique platform design of the Tamar allows access to some areas on the underside of the car not easily accessible with other portable mid-rise lifts. The dual power cylinders and the unique safety lock bar system, with different lock positions, make the Tamar one of the most popular mid-rise lifts sold locally and overseas.

    Simply drive over the lift making sure your tyres are straddling either side, then swing out the lifting arms to underneath your jacking points or suitable lifting point on the underside of the car. Then place four of the supplied rubber pads onto the ends of the arms and you are ready to go. Simply pressing the up button will then raise the vehicle and have it so the wheels are free. Push button operation means that as soon as you take your finger off the up button the lift stops and does not raise any more.


    Our Tamar has been thoroughly tested to meet Industry standards. The Tamar mid-rise lift is powered by a 240-volt power unit that is mounted on a portable cart. The power unit can be positioned to allow for maximum efficiency. This power unit cart is also used to move the Tamar on a smooth level surface. This lift can easily be rolled from an inside work bay to an outside concrete apron work area in just a few minutes.


    The Tamar is a complete mid-rise lift that includes a set of rubber lifting pads. The arms can be adjusted to an almost infinite amount of positions to accommodate unique lifting points found on certain vehicles. The large “foot print” of the Tamar creates a steady platform for the raised vehicle.


    Quick set up time and an extended raised height makes the Tamar a real winner for those shops that demand speed and quality in their lifting equipment.