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Our Holt lift is a surface mounted scissor lift and is designed for car maintenance and repair work. When fully raised the provides full standing height of 1.9m underneath when the lift is at its full height.


240v single phase making it suitable home garages as well as workshops.


The lift comes with load bearing up ramps, these can be locked into place either at one end of the lift or both ends. This feature extends the overall platform length up to 2030 mm, ideal for longer vehicles.


The lift comes with a lifting capacity of 3000 kg, allowing you to lift cars, SUVs, vans and 4x4s making this a very versatile lift.


Double hydraulic cylinders provides positive pressure on both sides of the ram seals meaning there is no need for a mechanical lock. The benefits of this are the lift locks at any height you require and  comes straight down when you want to lower the vehicle.



Product Description

Our Holt lift, provides full standing height of 1.9m underneath when the lift is at its full height.  Our surface mounted scissor lift is designed for car maintenance and repair work.


The assisted fulcrum provides smooth and effortless operation from the start.


The Holt lift up ramps can be locked into their horizontal position to increase the lifting bed for longer wheel base cars.


Lift dimensions:

Total Width: 2030mm

Platform Lengths: 1520mm (2030mm when all up ramps extended)

Gap Between Platforms: 830mm

Platform Widths 600mm


Power supply: 2.2kw motor,  240V single phase, 16 amp Cee-form male socket on lift. Your building requires a C or D type motor rated breaker in the consumer unit. The control panel comes with low voltage 24v buttons for your safety.


The lift is designed to be bolted to the floor due to the lifting height of the lift. The floor bolt kit is provided with the lift. The minimum concrete floor thickness is 150mm.


The Holt lift requires a level of self assembly, including attaching up ramps, limit switches, filling with oil, adjusting locking mechanism and down speed. This is all possible for a competent home mechanic to do themselves, or you may want to consider a garage equipment engineer to install your lift. We can provide an installation quotation upon request.


Lift comes with a 12 month component parts warranty. Warranty can be increased to 24 months for an additional £150.

Additional information

Packaged Weight 1000 kg
Packaged Dimensions 0.9 × 1.6 × .8 m

Max Lift Height