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Quick Overview

Findhorn Lifts are our “bread and butter” range! They are a “standard‟ size fully featured lift. Like all of our designs these modern, robust and reliable lifts are built to last, with top quality components and a useful selection of options.

Super low profile four post lift with 150mm platform thickness, compared to previous 220mm platform. Making it even more suitable for low sports cars to drive on.

240v single phase operation make this 4 post lift ideal for numerouse applications, be it as a service bay in a commercial workshop or a home enthusiast wanting a lift in their own garage.

This is a standard size four post lift so similar in size to an MOT bay specification, platforms long enough to take long wheel base Land Rover Defenders and such size vehicles.

Up ramps for this lift stay attached and remain horizontal as the lift goes up and down, if you however require a lift that you can remove the up ramps during operation then please look at our Bonar parking lift which has removable up ramps.

Strongman Tools car lifts have built up a reputation in the market for being a brand you can trust for reliability and no nonsense engineering. Whilst our background is in classic car restoration we have developed our range of lifts to a level that they would not look out of place in a commercial workshop.

Please note lifts do not come with drip trays as standard, these are an optional extra. Priced at £240 for a set.


Product Description

Our Findhorn four post lift runs off a 240v hydraulic motor, powering a hydraulic ram underneath the platform. Through this ram being connected to lifting cables as the ram extends the platforms then raise. In this instance up to a top platform level of 1800mm.

Coming with latest 24v low voltage controls this lift is fully compliant with CE standards so suitable for use in a commercial environment.

Mechanical locking mechanism means that once the lift reaches its limit switch you can then lower the platform down onto its locking ratchets to securely park it for a prolonged period of time. Please bear in mind that 1800mm lifting height is to top of platform when at its limit switch, so space below platform when lowered down on to its ratchet is going to be around 1500mm, this is important if you are planning on using this lift for storing a vehicle below.

Additional hydraulic anti burst valve to prevent lift lowering in case of a hydraulic failure. Cable break mechanism also protects the user should a lifting cable go slack or fail. So you can feel safe when working under your Strongman lift.

Ideal as either a service lift, partnered with one of our jacking beams or as a parking lift to double up space in your garage.

Additional information

Packaged Weight 1200 kg
Packaged Dimensions 4.4 × 0.6 × 1.1 m

Max Lift Height