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Unique designed four post parking lift from Strongman tools with a completely infilled full width platform and full width drive up ramp. This makes this the simplest lift in our range to use for long term storage.

We have been often approached by clients who want a parking lift and like our traditional two post parking lift design but because of the post location on the two post they get in the way of their door openings. So we have instead designed this four post system that means the doors open between the posts but still gives the benefit of the solid platform to prevent drips on the car below.


Product Description

For sites were there are going to be multiple lifts installed in a row we have designed the platform so it has two mounting positions on the cross beams. This means you can stagger the posts of the lifts so the next lift then sits behind the posts of the previous lift but you still have a straight edge of platform fronts. Making it look elegant and still keeping the benefit of doors being able to open between the posts when driven on.

The platform is made up of galvanised slats that interlink over each other to protect your below vehicle from drips of oil. Also makes it simple to change the slats in the future should you ever need to if anything corrosive is left spilt on the platforms for a prolonged period.

Extra tall lifting height compared to normal four post lifts gives this a 2000mm lifting height compared to the standard 1800mm lifting height of our other models to make it even more suitable for more vehicles to park underneath. Locking ladder design means the locks are engaging every 150mm that you raise, so you can get locking points at multiple heights.

This lift has electric lock release system, so there is a 24v release solenoid in each corner that releases the locks when you are bringing the lift down. Making it even easier to use..

This lift requires an element of installation. Please ensure that you have got the relevant knowledge and experience in installing garage equipment prior to purchase. Assumptions are made that the installer has worked on similar equipment before and knows about things such as leveling off platforms, wiring in switches, connecting up electrics and so on. If you do not have experience of this then please ask us for a quotation to install the lift for you. Custom colour options available on quantity orders.

Additional information

Packaged Weight 1200 kg
Packaged Dimensions 4.2 × 0.6 × 1.1 m

Max Lift Height