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Modern innovative double deck underground vehicle parking system. The solid deck structure and components are completely concealed below ground so there is no indication that a lift or second car is present when lowered.

A cost effective and smart solution for both commercial and residential parking applications. Available in a multitude of different colour finishes, all designed to try and blend in with the surroundings as much as possible. Also zinc paint coating available for situations where it is going to be used outdoors.

Max Load : 3000kg. Other loads and sizes on application are available

Ideal for outdoor installation such as in gardens or garage access zones, Can double up parking spaces or hide vehicles completely underground, keeping the residential space free of clutter.

The top platform can be parked over when the bottom car has been lowered down, instantly giving you extra parking. With the added benefit that the below car is securely stored out of view for those public areas where you do not want your car to be seen.

The roof has an access hatch for maintenance, control and emergency access.This opening makes inspection easier, even during closed parking of unit. Servicing can either be carried out by Strongman engineers or your own independent service agents.


Product Description

Key Benefits

  • Using high capacity cylinders
  • Instantly double your parking but still only use footprint of one
  • Unobtrusive and secure- the lift and lower vehicle are completely concealed
  • Aesthetically pleasing – the canopy surface can be tiled to match surroundings
  • Multiple units can be installed side by side for use in office car parks or apartments
  • Ideal for low ceiling applications
  • Safe and easy to operate

If enough height is available then the top car can be left on the platform when you raise the lift to reveal the car below.

We will manufacture your lift bespoke for your needs. So rather than just offering a one size suits all we we design the lift to fit into the space you have available and the cars you are planning on parking.

Strongman Mechanical Parking Systems are manufactured by our partner facility in Asia which operates from a 1 sq km factory. The facility allows for all stages of the manufacturing process to be completed under one roof – from the profiling of raw material to the finishing processes of galvanising, powder coating and spray booths .

Currently our partner factory manufactures an average of 2000 parking spaces every month for the Asian and European markets. We have a manufacturing capacity of 10,000 spaces a month with a further manufacturing facility currently under construction to accommodate projected growth volumes within these markets.

Additional information

Packaged Weight 5500 kg
Packaged Dimensions 2.2 × 5.0 × 1.1 m