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Next batch of lifts due to be ready for delivery and collection end of February 2021.

New design Strongman Clifton coming September 2020. Pre order yours now. We have decided what we think was already the best mid rise scissor lift on the market, even better. Unique design to Strongman, with two separate platforms that then get joined by a torsion bar during installation. This unique design gives the user access down the middle of the car like no other mid rise lift on the market. With other lifts having at least two bars that get in the way of transmission jacks and creeper seats. You cannot get this design lift anywhere else, it is designed by Strongman and completely unique to Strongman.

The Clifton is our top spec surface mounted Mid-Rise Platform Scissor Car Lift. Designed to utilise an advanced assisted fulcrum this lift is effortless in operation and provides ‘Two Stage Lowering’.

Undoubtedly the class leader in terms of build quality, employing top grade steel and the best quality welds, compared to competitive product our price/performance easily surpasses all other lifts of this type making it the clear choice for your workshop.

Optional mobility kit priced at £180 inc vat. This does not come included with the kit.

Lift has the following lock stop points:



Movement of this lift, from bay to bay is a simple task with our unique mobility kit designed with you the customer in mind. The Clifton needs to be raised, two wheels are attached to the scissor arm, then as it is lowered the wheels come down through cut outs in the baseplates raising the lift off the floor to enable it to be moved. It is ideal in a Fast Fit environment and has been designed to be moved from bay to bay and be ready to lift in less than 5 minutes.


Please be aware that the lift comes delivered in a purpose made wooden crate, the delivery service we offer is via a third party delivery company who will deliver the lift via tail lift to your drive. The use of a forklift makes getting the lift out of the box a doddle. However it can also be done with trolley jacks and an engine crane. It is imperative that you understand there is a small amount of self assembly to do on this lift once it is received, including attaching up ramps, limit switches and filling with oil. This is all possible for a competent home mechanic to do themselves.


Product Description

Often employed as a spare ramp in larger workshops or to utilise previously redundant space by turning a corner of the workshop into a profitable additional bay. Being a freestanding lift you do not have to worry about floor anchors, just simply position the lift wherever you want it and you are away.

Lift has a removable bar that sits between the platforms at the opposite end to the hydraulic rams allows the mobility kit to be attached when you want to move it around.

These Clifton lifts come with enclosed controller, including an adjustable throttle valve and easily accessible motor for quick servicing.

Platform widths 520mm with platform length of 1450mm plus locking up ramps. Central gap between platforms of 820mm. Total lifting height of 1000mm.

The first lock-500mm

The second lock-600mm

The third lock-690mm

The fourth lock-770mm

The fifth lock-830mm

The sixth lock-890mm

The seventh lock-940mm

The eighth lock-980mm

These lifts require a small amount of self-assembly upon receipt, things like connecting the hydraulic hose from the controller to the lift, filling with oil, connecting up limit switches and so on.

On-site, the warranty can only be offered if Strongman tools carry out the install. If self-installation is done then the units come with a 12-month parts warranty. On-site warranty packages start from as little as £500 for 12 months cover.

Additional information

Packaged Weight 600 kg
Packaged Dimensions 1.6 × 0.7 × .8 m

Max Lift Height