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The Bonar 4 post parking lift instantly doubles your storage within the footprint of one car parking space. Our 4 post parking lift also allows you to work on your cars either for light maintenance /repair work or for restoration work.


Our Bonar 4 post parking lift is fully CE complaint and is ideal for home garages, workshops and car storage facilities.


Designed for ease of use the locks are simply disengaged with the manual lever on the end of the cross beam. Adjustable locking ladder system allows you to change the locking interval positions of the platform height. This ensures your cars are parked within your building space.


The 4 post parking lift can be freestanding or fixed to the floor. With the optional mobility kit this allows for the Bonar lift to be moved around your building. Once repositioned, remove the wheel kit and the lift is ready to use again. The mobility kit is not designed to be used when you have a car on the lift.


The motor is rated at 2.2 kW motor works off standard electrical supply 240V and requires only a 16 amp supply. The lift control panel comes with safety 24v push button controls.


Price above includes VAT

Delivery & Installation service quotation available upon request


Optional accessories:

Drip tray set (£54 inc vat), Mobility kit (£140 inc vat), Central tool/jack tray (£100 inc vat), Jacking beam (625 inc vat)


Product Description

The Bonar 4 post parking lift allows you to double your parking within one parking space. Ideal for car storage for the domestic garage, workshop or in a commercial building. The Bonar lift is designed to allow you to work on your cars for service, maintenance work including you restoration projects.

Make your life easier and purchase our jacking beam too! You can then raise an axle off the platforms, allowing you to take the wheels off.

The Bonar lift can be a mobile lift when using the optional wheel kit. When the wheel kit is fixed to the lift this can be moved around your workshop or building.

The Bonar lift features a mechanical ladder lock system to provide long term parking security. This system is also adjustable to allow for small discrepancies in your floor level.

The motor can be located on the left hand rear or the right hand front post. Normal position is the side face and this will add 250mm onto the overall width of this lift. If your building space is tight then the power unit can be mounted onto a nearby wall. Alternatively, we have an optional 90 degree bracket for the power unit to be mounted on the front or rear post face.

Our Bonar 4 post parking lift requires installation. We are able to offer an installation service, prices available upon request.

Additional information

Packaged Weight 1200 kg
Packaged Dimensions 4.2 × 0.6 × 1.1 m

Max Lift Height