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  • Call for Price

    Unique new launch lift from Strongman tools allowing you to double stack cars on top of each other. Using up the floor footprint of just one lift. Previously this type of system would have been cost prohibitive but due to our new design this is now affordable.

    Strongman are the first and only company to be offering this type of lift in the UK. Maximise your footprint and save on increasing business rates.

    Shared Double Side Posts

    Having double sided posts allows you to daisy chain this system without having to double up on posts. Also makes it a more elegant installation and unlike previous designs of similar lift you would have to stagger them, this system instead gives you a clean straight finish to the row.

    Running on a 240v 2.2kw motor this is ideal for storage businesses in need of a bit more space.

    Independent Platforms

    Each parking level works indipendently so if you want to you can just take up the top car rather than having to take up the bottom platform at the same time. Individual control panels for each platform make it clear what you are opperating and touch button controls mean the lift will stop immediately as soon as you remove your finger.

    Electric Lock Release

    Due to the tall height of this lift we realised that using our standard manual lock release mechanism would not be possible, as it would be impossible to release the locks on the top platform. So to combat this we have developed a 24 electric lock release system that is utilised on each platform. The control system sends a signal to each of the solenoids on the corners of the lift to release the lift when it is time to come down making the operation nice and simple.

    Extra Long Approach Ramps

    Double length up ramps with hinge in the middle for the top level allow lower profile cars to get on without bottoming out, then you fold back the ramps to reduce the length. Simple lift on lift off up ramps can also be specified at order point. Also available in custom colours for quantity orders.

  • Call for Price

    Here we have a new launch lift from Strongman tools. An extra tall version of our extra tall Bonar four post lift. Allowing you to get your car up extra high to store taller items below such as caravans or vans.

    Particularly useful for getting cars up and insight of a viewing gallery on a second floor.

    Using a 240v electro hydraulic motor it lifts the vehicle up to a height of 3000mm so you can drive in another car underneath.

    This lift is fully CE complaint with mechanical sprung loaded locking mechanism, cable break assembly, parachute valves and 24v dead man controls.

    Locks are simply disengaged automatically on this lift as it has 24v electro solenoids in the corners so no need to pull down a handle to release.

    Strong powder coat finish mean your lift will last for years.

    The robust motor is rated at 2.2 kW motor works off standard electrical supply requires only a 16 amp supply, with safety 24v push button controls as required by CE certification.

    Lift available with either standard manual lock release mechanism, meaning locks all disengage from a single lever point.

    Optional plastic drip trays (£15 ex vat each),  metal infill panels (£750 ex vat for entire length)