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    The Bewdley lift is known as a car stacker lift. This lift model allows 3 cars to be parked over the same parking footprint of 1 car. The perfect solution for storage of multiple vehicles, whilst taking up minimum space.


    Ideal for commercial environments and storage businesses that wants to capitalise on their space. In fact, if you have the internal height this can be installed in domestic and barn buildings too.


    Bespoke measurements are possible to meet your requirements and we also offer a shared post design system. By using the shared post design you can save further building space when adding the lifts in a row allowing the flexibility of more storage.


    Optional accessories:


    Metal infill trays – These prevent any drips from the car above falling on the car below. They are also load bearing, ideal for storing three wheeled cars or trailers. Can be painted to match the lift or a galvanised finish.


    Coiled Wire – Replaces the standard flexi wire and can be used for the lift main power and for the control panels.


    Standard features:

    Lifting Capacity: 3600kg per platform

    Pendent Control Supply: 24V low voltage, push and hold buttons – Up / Down & Lock, Emergency stop button

    Power Supply: 240V 50Hz (3ph 380V optional)

    Motor: 2.2Kw – Lift motor supplied with 16A male commando plug with 4 metres of cable (per platform)

    Up ramps: Fixed with hinges – fold back on themselves by 50%

    Unit Weight: 2250kg

    Concrete Thickness Spec: 200mm


    For bespoke lift dimensions and colour options to meet your requirements – please contact us.

  • Call for Price

    Here we have a new launch lift from Strongman tools. An extra tall version of our extra tall Bonar four post lift. Allowing you to get your car up extra high to store taller items below such as caravans or vans.

    Particularly useful for getting cars up and insight of a viewing gallery on a second floor.

    Using a 240v electro hydraulic motor it lifts the vehicle up to a height of 3000mm so you can drive in another car underneath.

    This lift is fully CE complaint with mechanical sprung loaded locking mechanism, cable break assembly, parachute valves and 24v dead man controls.

    Locks are simply disengaged automatically on this lift as it has 24v electro solenoids in the corners so no need to pull down a handle to release.

    Strong powder coat finish mean your lift will last for years.

    The robust motor is rated at 2.2 kW motor works off standard electrical supply requires only a 16 amp supply, with safety 24v push button controls as required by CE certification.

    Lift available with either standard manual lock release mechanism, meaning locks all disengage from a single lever point.

    Optional plastic drip trays (£15 ex vat each),  metal infill panels (£750 ex vat for entire length)