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  • £3,480.00

    Due to the compact construction, it takes as little space and gives a perfect extra parkingplace . No post that block the way and on top of the platform complete free room.Because of the slim scissor there will remain an optimal space for simple and spacious parking. By the width of just 2,5 mtr it fits in almost any ordinary garage.and for lager buildings you can easy convert multiple lifts side by side and so make use of the maximum use of space


    By installing the lifts side by side it creates a floor to put cars on and under but still you can operate every single lift. The high lifting height of 2,20 mtr ( top of platform) and 2,00 mtr ( free drive trough)makes it possible for higher cars to park under


    The approach ramp is perfect for low-profile vehicles, such as sports cars, race kit builds and vehicles with dropped suspensions, to name a few types. Most parking lift platforms can only achieve this with extra-long approach ramps, and these add-on ramps take up a lot of your precious space. The approach ramp is kept short. To keep it from getting steep, we integrate a gentle incline into the drive-on platform. The incline ends in a small wheel trough that’s just deep enough to catch your wheels and keep them safe without scratching or denting your vehicle.


    No lifting cables or clumsy chains are used in our lift. The Alford lifting power comes from two hydraulic cylinders, and its staying power comes from a rugid mechanical locking system.. The cylinders are extra-powerful and feature an impressive flow-divider to ensure both sides of the parking lift rise simultaneously.

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    Unique new launch lift from Strongman tools allowing you to double stack cars on top of each other. Using up the floor footprint of just one lift. Previously this type of system would have been cost prohibitive but due to our new design this is now affordable.


    A very compact overall footprint. With only 4854mm long x 2694mm wide. Needing 5647mm of height to stack three cars high.


    The motor unit being in a seperate cabinet which is to be placed on the ground behind the lift.


    The upper platform, which is slightly shorter, drops to the lower one so that a low ramp height remains for low entry sports cars to drive on. Suitable for two hatchback and one Suv vehicle to be parked.


    Running on a 240v 2.2kw motor this is ideal for storage businesses in need of a bit more space.